The Peach / 1890’s Farmhouse, Fredericksburg

I think this house has the biggest potential of all of our projects.  This late 1800’s farmhouse was originally a barn, moved to the city of Fredericksburg, Texas in the early 1930’s and converted to a 2 bedroom house.  With a ton of character and on a large lot, the location of this house is near ideal – on a quiet, nice neighborhood two blocks from the Hauptstrasse (Main Street) in Fredericksburg.  This is very much a traditional Sunday House style of home that the early settlers used when they traveled from their farms outside Fredericksburg to town on weekends for supplies, fellowship, and Sunday church services.  Architecture frequently included a second story used as sleeping quarters, outside staircases, and lean-to kitchens at the rear of the structures.  

Our plan with The Peach is to initially make the property structurally sou

nd with work on all infrastructure elements – foundation, roof, frame, plumbing and electrical.  We’ll make the downstairs and updated 2 /1 with a new kitchen and great space for gathering as a group.  The upstairs will be built out into a large 1/1 master suite with access from a stairwell we will add to the north side of the house.  We’ll keep those outside elements that are really neat – two side by side front doors, board and baton siding, front porch.  It will come back as the farmhouse it always wanted to be ready for guests.  

It took us nearly 5 months to acquire this property and excited to finally have it under our ownership.  Purchased in Feb ’18 with a 8-10 month timeline on updates.  We will take our time on this one because it is so special and has a ton of upside.  Ready for short term rentals (Airbnb / VRBO) in October 2018.

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